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About Online Roulette

The game of roulette is the oldest casino game still in existence, it has been around in one form or another for close to 300 years. (Not online roulette of course :)

Roulette is the most popular casino game in Europe, but is not as popular in North America. The greater acceptance of the game there is likely due to the much lower casino edge (4 times less than the casino edge in U.S. casinos) as well as cultural differences.

The game is played by rolling a small ball in one direction inside a wheel, which spins in the opposite direction. When the ball comes to rest on the wheel, that slot is the winning number. You win or lose depending on the wager(s) you have placed prior to the spin.

The wheel has 36 slots on it, one half are colored red and the other half are colored black. The red and black alternate around the wheel. The wheel also contains a zero slot (and often in North America a double zero slot) colored green. Single zero games are played in Europe and can be found in some U.S. casino's, if possible play them instead of the double zero machines as they give better odds to the player.

There are many ways to wager in roulette, and many systems have been devised in an attempt to increase the odds in favour of the player. If you think a system will increase your odds there are many different systems in existence that will tell you how to bet systematically in the belief that you can increase your odds. You can play using one of the roulette systems available or just bet on hunches to select what number or series of numbers to bet on.

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