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How to Play Roulette

November 2, 2008

Roulette is the perfect online casino game for millions of gamblers as it combines enough simplicity with enough strategy and thought with the variety of many different betting and money management options to keep one’s mental interest. Beyond that roulette is a most exciting game that offers a rush few other games can give a player as the gamblers will often be near breathless waiting for the wheel to stop spinning and the ball to finally fall into the slot. The anticipation of players at a roulette wheel is hard to match in any other game.

A roulette wheel has thirty-six numbered slots with an equal number of red and black squares, along with an equal amount of odd and even squares. An “American” style roulette wheel has two green numbers of zero and double zero while a “European” style roulette wheel has a single green zero slot. The European wheels are the best for a player as it has TWICE the value of an American style wheel or, to put it another way, half of the house edge of an American style wheel.

Although the green slots ultimately give the house edge to the online casino they come up no more than any other slots and players can bet on those numbers coming up if they like.

There are a multitude of different gambling theories and money management schemes at roulette starting with the “Martingale” strategy in which the gambler doubles his bet after each loss until he wins. The problem with this theory is that a house limit will eventually stop a gambler using this strategy if he loses several bets in a row and the Martingale theory has never beaten the casino in the long run.

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