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How to wager in Roulette

Jul 2, 2008

Roulette is one of the most breathtaking games of chance that you can find at an online casino. Roulette is also one of the most glamorous games you can play. Roulette is the game in which a spinning wheel goes round and round with a steel ball finally landing in a slot that is both numbered and colored. There are few things in life that provide a greater rush than having money bet on a roulette spin and watching that wheel and ball go round and round as you anticipate and hope where it all ends up.

There are numerous ways that you can wager on roulette and the game often ends up having bets within bets. You can make such even money wagers as odds or evens, black or red, or high or low. You can also make bets that payoff at 3-1 by betting on one third of the available numbers. You can even wager on single numbers that payoff at 36-1. You can even bet with the house and wager on the dreaded green zero and double zero. You can also pick of corners of numbers, betting on two, four, six or more at a time. The endless possibilities that online roulette offers is what makes it one of the most exciting and sought after games at an online casino.

You should always try to find a European style roulette table when at an online casino. A European style roulette wheel has only half of the house edge that an American style roulette wheel has. That is because the American style roulette has both a green zero and double zero while the European style roulette has just one single green zero.

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