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Roulette Explained

There are few games that can capture the breathtaking thrill of a roulette wheel spinning as gamblers have huge bets on the line placed at the table. As the little ball rolls counter to the wheel everyone is breathless in anticipation of which slot the ball will fall into and rest. Gamblers wager on numbers and colors and more with roulette and online casino gambling takes this game to a new and greater level.

Roulette comes in two forms with both the American and the European methods. The European method is preferred as the house edge is half of what it is with the American version. This is because the European version has one green zero slot while the American version has both a green zero and double zero.

Beyond that the game is the same as gamblers can bet on red or black, odd or even, high or low, or combinations of numbers along with even a single number. Or you can also bet with the house and take those green numbers.

Roulette is a thrilling game that requires discipline and nerve. One of the biggest mistakes gamblers make with roulette is to play the “Martingale System” in which they double their bets on an even money wager such as black or red thinking that eventually after a few spins it has to hit. The Martingale System has blown up a lot of bankrolls as a result because roulette is a great gambling lesson on how NOTHING is certain or due and things can and do repeat themselves over and over again. Smart gamblers know this when stepping up to the roulette wheel.

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