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Three Roulette Strategies

Online roulette is fun and exciting but it is more exciting when you win money. There are a lot of roulette strategies that can make playing roulette more fun and give you a chance to win money. Here are three of the most popular ones.

The simplest roulette strategy is the Martingale. You double your wager after every loss, and you go back to your starting wager after a win. It is just that simple. You can do well with the strategy if you are willing to accept risk. Let’s say for example that you start by betting one dollar on black. You will double up after every loss. Let’s say that red comes up five straight times. Your first bet costs you 1 dollar, your second 2 dollars, your third 4 dollars, your fourth 8 dollars and your fifth 16 dollars. Your sixth bet now costs 32 dollars and if it wins you pick up a profit of one dollar. A really bad streak can get you into trouble and you also need to be aware of the table minimum when using the Martingale.

Another roulette strategy is the parlay. Instead of doubling up after a loss, you let it all ride after a win. In this system you are looking to hit a streak. The question with the parlay is when you stop.

Another popular roulette strategy is the cluster system. For example, if you think the number 11 will come up, you bet on the cluster numbers on the table layout next to 11 (7,9,13 and 15). You can pick whatever number you want and play the number, and the cluster surrounding it.

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