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Roulette is a Thrill on Every Spin

Roulette is a breathtaking form of gambling that has been successfully transferred to online casino gambling. Roulette is the game in which a little steel ball goes counter on a spinning wheel before landing in a numbered and colored slot. Roulette offers many games within the game and many wagering options ranging from even money bets on black or red, odds or even, high or low. You can bet on a single number, a few individual numbers, or a block of numbers and various combinations of all of that.

There are two main forms of roulette which are the American and European versions. In American roulette there are two green colored slots for zero and double zero whereas in European roulette there is only one green zero slot on the wheel. The European wheels are the better values for gamblers as the house edge is 2.7% compared to the American house edge of 5.26%. The extra green zero is the difference. European roulette also offers the En Prison Rule which a player can get half of his wager back or set it aside for the next round.

Overall there are 36 roulette numbers that alternate between black and red colors as well as the green zero section.

It is important to study the various house rules on roulette, which can be different per the various online casino gambling websites. It is also important to develop good bankroll management skills as roulette is a game that requires great discipline.

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