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$150 Roulette Strategy

The $150 roulette strategy is a system that has you betting $150 at the roulette table on a single spin. Let’s look at this interesting roulette system.

When you play the $150 roulette strategy at the online casino you are betting $50 on the first twelve (1-12), $50 on the second twelve (13-24) and $5 on 10 numbers in the third twelve.

When you choose to use the $150 roulette you will have all of the numbers on the wheel covered except for three. You won’t have anything on the two numbers that you didn’t play in the third 12 and the zero.

If one of the numbers from the first 12 or the second 12 come up then you win $150 and break even. If one of your numbers from the third 12 come up then you will win $180 and make $30. You will lose $150 if either of the two numbers you didn’t play or the zero comes up.

The big advantage of the $150 roulette system is that it should keep you in action for a long time. You only have three numbers that beat you.

You can also decide to change your numbers and pick numbers from the 1st 12 or the 2nd 12 and simply bet the same way as you did when you were picking numbers from the 3rd 12.

Test out the $150 roulette strategy at your favorite online casino.

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