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Online Roulette Limits and Odds

Roulette is a very exciting game to play at an online casino and one in which you can win a lot for just a little. There are some things to remember as you make roulette wagers including the table limits and the odds.

At many online casinos you will have a minimum table wager of $1 and a maximum of $200. That does not mean you can’t find higher limits but be aware that most online casinos have a limit so that players can’t just martingale continually.

Many of the odds in roulette are very easy to understand. Red/black and odd/even are about as simple as it gets with your payoff at even money. The high/low is also an even money bet. Another popular wager is the “dozens” bet. That has odds of 2-1 as does the columns bet. The line bet has odds of 5-1 while the five bet has a 6-1 payoff. The corner bet has a payoff of 8-1 while a street bet pays off at odds of 11-1. A split bet pays at 17-1. When you are betting on just a single number your payoff will be 35-1 if that number hits.

When you play roulette you should be aware of the house edge. It is 5.26% when the wheel has zero and double zero and it is 2.7% when the wheel has just a single zero.

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