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Streaks or Overdue Strategy in Online Roulette

There are a number of different strategies that can be used when playing online roulette. Most are focused on either following streaks or playing numbers that are due. Let’s look at both options.

If you like to play the streaks then you want to focus on numbers that have recently come up. The Pivot system is one that has you playing popular numbers. When a number hits twice it becomes the “pivot” number and you bet on that number for the next 36 spins.

If you like to bet that something is due to happen then you could bet on red or black and use the Martingale until one of those two hit. You could also bet on numbers using the memory system where you bet on all numbers except for the three numbers that won on the last three spins. You would be betting that numbers won’t be repeated right away in roulette.

You could also try the One Hit Miracle system and bet on one particular number until it hits. You are betting that the longer a number goes without hitting that the more overdue it is to come up.

Streaks can happen in any game and if you like to bet on them then you will like systems like the pivot. If you are someone that believes in something being “due” then you will like to use the Martingale and the One Hit Miracle system.

Try out your favorite roulette systems today at the online casino.

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