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Sure Things for Success at Online Roulette

There are plenty of theories about how to succeed at online roulette and countless books on how to beat the wheel and yet nobody ever does. The one aspect that even the best books on roulette fail to address in any sensible or realistic way are the odds that are clearly in the favor of the house. The house does rule, especially at American style roulette with the extra green slot for a double zero. But despite the fact that there is no way to obliterate the mathematical gravity of the house edge there are many effective ways to address it with realism.

The first tip is in fact the golden rule which is NEVER EVER pay real money, let alone attention, for any roulette strategy. Such strategy books are worthless. Even toilet paper is of much greater value and usefulness.

The next tip is just as logical which is to find a European style roulette game with the single green zero. This cuts the house edge in half and gives you much more of a fighting chance to add longevity to your game.

Even better, look for a European style roulette game that offers the "In Prison" or "La Partage" rule as it gives the online gambler an even greater advantage with an even more reduced house edge.

Set a goal and a hard loss limit each time you take to the online roulette tables and stick by that without exception. Avoid tilt tirades at all costs!

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