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The 64% Roulette Strategy

You might have heard of the Martingale strategy or the Labouchere strategy but what about the 64% roulette strategy? It sure does have an interesting sounding name. What exactly is the 64% strategy and can you win money using it at the online casino?

The 64% strategy is used on European roulette wheels and it is very simple to use. You are betting on two of the three dozens on the roulette wheel. You place an equal bet on two of the dozens. What this means is that your chances of winning are 64% on each spin. For example, if you bet $5 on the first dozen and $5 on the second dozen you have the numbers 1-24 covered. You only lose if a number from 25-36 or the single zero comes up. You get paid at 2-1 on your win so if you hit one of your dozens you win $10 and lose $5 for a profit of $5. If you lose both wagers then you would be out $10.

The plan with the 64% strategy is to play a mini-martingale where you play two of your dozens and then double up if you lose. You might keep it to 3 or 4 in a row to make sure you are not risking a huge amount of money. With this method you are actually combining the 64% roulette strategy with a mini-martingale as a combination system to try and win money at the online casino.

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