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Roulette Rules for Online Gambling Success

There are some basic rules to ensure that your online gambling experience with roulette will be enjoyable, if not profitable as well.

First, never ever bet the Martingale Theory. This is the most miserably tired out failed theory in all of gambling. The Martingale theory is based on even money bets such as black or red in which a player will keep doubling up his bets on the same thing (black for example) until it hits. The theory is that eventually black is going to hit and should hit within 9 or 10 spins. The problem is, first, if black takes 9 or 10 spins to hit you will reach a betting limit that will prevent you from recouping your losses. Second, there will be times in which black may not appear for 20 or more spins. If the Martingale Theory worked, people would be using it successfully. Casinos love when a gambler doubles up on losses as they are usually wiped out in short order.

Next, be sure to branch out with a variety of bets. There are some good and different variant bets that can keep things fresh and give you the ability to diversity and not have your bankroll so totally dependent on limited amounts of bets.

Roulette should be approached with a mentality that you are in it for fun. It is very hard to overcome the house edge and if you think you can outsmart the odds you will be cleaned out before you know it. Instead play for the excitement and fun of a great game!

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