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Covering the Table at Roulette

Have you ever played roulette and tried to cover the table? This sounds next to impossible but you can actually cover almost everything on every spin at roulette. You could actually cover everything when playing roulette but if you did that you would lose money. The best option is to cover most of the table. How do you do that?

One thing you can do is bet on 35 numbers which means you would wager $1 on 35 different numbers. You would win on every spin unless the number you chose came up or the zero. You are going to win a lot of bets with this system but just one loss will be a major defeat. You need to win 36 times for every loss to make money.

Another way to cover the table is to bet 17 splits. This means you are covering 34 numbers of the 36. The advantage here is that you are only risking $17 instead of $35 and now you have all of the numbers covered except for two.

You could also bet on 11 streets which means you cover 33 of the 36 numbers. You could also bet on 5 double streets where you cover 30 of the 36 numbers.

You may choose to bet the dozens where you cover two thirds of the numbers or you can choose 1-18 or 19-36 where you cover half of the numbers.

If you don’t like any of those you might combine a couple and choose to bet 4 splits and 2 columns where you are covering a large portion of the wheel with every bet.

The advantage to covering the table is that you get a lot more wins than losses although in the long run you still need some luck to overcome the house edge.

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