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The 64% Roulette System

If you want to win more often than you lose when playing roulette then you should try out the 64% system. Notice that I said win more than lose but not necessarily win more money than lose more money. Let’s take a look at the 64% roulette system.

The 64% roulette system has you betting two of the dozen bets on the roulette table. For example, you bet the first dozen (1-12) and the second dozen (13-24). What that means on your next spin is that you have a 64% chance to win money. You would be paid 3 to 1 on your winning wager. The downside of the system is that you lose two bets if the third dozen that you didn’t cover comes up. You would also lose if a zero or a double zero came up.

If you notice the name of the system, 64% you should already understand that it is a long term loser. If the odds were equal then you would have almost a 67% chance of winning. Because of the zero and double zero, the house will always have the edge in roulette. If you play on the American roulette wheel then you have about a 64% chance of winning on each spin and about 65% on a European wheel.

If you want to play longer and enjoy more winning spins, then the 64% system is for you. The advantage of playing the 64% system is that you are going to have more winning spins than losing ones. The problem is that your losses will overcome the amount of your wins but in roulette the house always has the edge.

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