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Winning at Roulette is About Staying alive to Win the Big Bets

There is no getting around the fact that the roulette wheel runs plenty of online gamblers over because they do not respect the rule of the odds and the importance of money management. In order to develop an effective money management system one must also come to grips with the undeniable fact that there is no fool proof system that can overcome the gravity of the mathematical fact that the odds are against you. Once you confront truth in the eyes with the realization that there is no way you will ever have a mathematical edge over the odds you can begin the process of developing a sensible money management strategy.

Bankroll management is a very simple objective which is to keep you in the game for as long as possible. Managing your bankroll is all about preserving capital and to keep you alive for the moment in which Lady Luck smiles upon you with a hot streak.

Be sure to avoid any roulette system that claims it can beat the system because it is a total lie that cannot sustain itself. And as for the “due theory” the only thing “due” are the bills that you must pay each month. No, a roulette wheel does not have to hit black or red or green for that matter because it hasn’t done so for the last several spins in a row. There are a lot of busted bankrolls in the online roulette graveyard that were due for wins.

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