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Roulette Even Money Bets

When you are playing roulette there are a lot of possible bets you can make. Some of these pay off big but they are tough to win. Other bets are easier to hit because they pay off almost half the time. Let’s look at these even money bets in online roulette.

Red or Black
One of the most popular wagers in roulette is to bet Red or Black. This bet pays even money and your chances of winning are almost 50%. Because the roulette wheel has either a single zero or both a single zero and a double zero, the odds are not quite 50%.

Odd or Even
Another bet in roulette that is almost even money is Odd or Even. There are 18 even numbers and 18 odds numbers so the bet pays even money although just like Red/Black, the bet is not quite even money in odds since there is a zero and double zero on the wheel.

High or Low
This bet in roulette is just like the Red/Black or Odd/Even wager but in this case you are betting on either a high number or a low number coming up on the next spin. The lower numbers are 1-18 while the high numbers are 19-36. It would be nice if the zero and double zero counted as low numbers but they don’t which means the payoff is even money although the odds are not quite 50-50 with the two zeros on the wheel.

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